Attorney Duwaim Muwaizri Discusses Some of His Most Notable Cases with Arab Times

April 14, 2009

Attorney Duwaim Muwaizri shared some of his best practice moments with the press recently. In an interview with Arab Times, he discussed some of his notable achievements in legal practice including handling the well known case of a Kuwaiti male turned female. He noted that he felt compelled to take up this case in defence of public policy and uphold the society’s point of view.

Attorney Muwaizri also discussed another case he handled involving a 14-year old Kuwaiti male abandoned and rejected by his family on account of the circumstances surrounding his birth. Not only did Attorney Muwaizri assist the young man prove his rights under Kuwaiti Law but further assisted him in obtaining the compensation due to his father (who was in the army) upon his demise.

Attorney Muwaizri also briefly shared some of his interests and aspirations.

Attorney Duwaim Muwaizri is a Lawyer with Al Oula Law.