Statement in respect of the allegations raised
against the Honorable Judge Mr. Ebrahim Al Saif

In response to the allegations raised in the documents and information referring to certain bank transfers conducted through Coutts Bank to the account of the three active judges of the Kuwait judicial system, which were published on the Kuwait Gate website, and furthermore circulated on twitter through the account @KarametWatan.

Upon the instructions of my client the Honorable Ebrahim Abdulrahman Al Saif, one of the three judges which their names were mentioned in the said documents, we addressed a formal letter to Coutts Bank regarding the subject in order to elucidate the true facts of the said documents. In a response issued by the Bank, Coutts stated “we are aware of the allegations that have been made in the Kuwait Gate blog”, Coutts also stated that “as soon as we became aware of the allegations we undertook a robust internal investigation. We have concluded that Coutts does not have any involvement or connection with the allegations and any suggested or implied connection is unfounded“. This was the formal position of Coutts on the matter.

Since the website Kuwait Gate has deliberately caused to publish copies of the said documents alongside copies of news articles about Coutts Bank aiming to convey the public that the alleged documents are true and issued by Coutts. Having said that, and based on the response made by Coutts which clearly declines, in all and details, any connection or involvement with the allegations, the attempt to deliberately publish and circulate the said documents is not more than a malicious method to affect the judicial institution with groundless false allegations.

Therefore it was essential to issue this statement stressing the position of Coutts Bank on this matter and in response to the groundless allegations raised against my client.

Lawyer Fayez Al Dosari