Founder’s Statement

Adel Abdulhadi

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Al Oula Law website…

My vision for establishing Al Oula Law was born out of the desire to attain my lifelong ambition for a unique system to provide excellent legal services which supports the overall growth and success of our clients.

In my years of law practice, I have come to recognize and accept that the practice of law is in itself an art to be mastered and like any other art, requires dedication to achieve mastery or perfection. For this purpose, I do not allow words like “I was…” to take centre stage in my thought process. The only words which resonate in my being are “I want to be…” and this propels me to excellence, vision and clarity of what my real goal in life is.

My journey to achieve my set goals can be likened to embarking on an important one-way journey by the only available train. It is rarely important to me whether the train arrives as scheduled or not so long as it arrives. I will be at the station at exactly the time it departs and I will not alight until the final destination which is my life’s ambition. In the same vein our journey through life is comparable to walking through a large field filled with uncertainties and throwing up different struggles, challenges and obstacles. I however decided early in life that I would go through the challenges and overcome any obstacle in my way so that in the end I would enjoy the sweet taste of victory.

As each day unfolds around the world, I seek to emulate any lawyer who wins his case after proffering sound legal arguments. Such a lawyer is a model to me , a fact I am not ashamed to admit. On the other hand, I learn from who is defeated even after much work and research and add on valuable experience to my portfolio. In this sense, his loss becomes my gain. In the case of both I learn, sharpen my skills, acquire invaluable knowledge and become more determined and valiant to take on new areas not explored.

Qualities guiding corporate or personal development and growth such as excellence, uniqueness, and innovativeness cannot be attained without serious hard work. Though these qualities may not be perceived with the eyes but we can create them by our determination and diligence. Among these qualities, I am convinced that set goals are unachievable unless we are unique and innovative in our approach. With God’s assistance and the assistance of our staff at Al Oula, their excellent legal skills and their attitude to hard work, we continue to seek the attainment of these qualities in our work.

In my journey to attaining this aspiration of mine, my heart will never accept defeat neither will it retreat unless my dream is accomplished. It is my desire to take law practice to a new height, and expand the existing legal frontiers in Kuwait, This dream is consistent with every beat of my heart: to be one of the leading legal service providers in the world.

Thank you,
Adel Abdulhadi