Kuwait Parliament approved Recommendations submitted by Mr. Adel AbdulHadi on urging the government to exert more efforts in securing the release of the two remaining Kuwaitis detained at Guantanamo since 2002

February 29, 2012
Following a one hour deliberation on Recommendations submitted by Mr. Adel Abdul Hadi to the Members of Parliament on the matter of the two Kuwaiti citizens currently detained at Guantanamo Prisons Cuba, Members of Parliament have at their 29th February 2012 session unanimously accepted these Recommendations.

The following Recommendations were submitted to the Parliament:
1st – That Members of Parliament issue a condemnation against the continued detention of the two Kuwaitis at Guantanamo – Fayiz Al Kandari and Fawzi Al Odah – who have been detained for 10 years;
2nd – That an official delegation consisting of Members of Parliament, family members of detainees and specialist doctors and physicians be sent immediately to Guantanamo to meet with the Kuwaiti detainees and observe their current status;
3rd – That a Parliament Committee be formed or the Human Rights Committee of the Parliament be assigned the function of following all developments in the case of the detainees and demand periodical reports from the Kuwait Embassy in Washington DC regarding all efforts that have been made to secure the release of the Kuwaiti detainees and further demanding a detailed report on the how funds were spent and allocated to cover all expenses (including legal fees and media fees) of public committees that have been working on Fayiz Al Kandari and Fawzi Al Odah’s case;
4th – That the Kuwait government honors the wishes and rights of Fayiz Al Kandari and Fawzi Al Odah to appoint their own Kuwaiti and international lawyers who would work on all efforts and necessary procedures on their behalf in Kuwait or internationally. It is further demanded that the Kuwait government allocate proper finance that will be used to pay the selected lawyers’ fees; and
5th – That the American Defense team appointed by the Pentagon for this case be invited to meet with Members of parliament and that scheduled meetings be held with the team every two months.

Mr. Adel Abdul Hadi is the Kuwaiti lawyer for Fayiz Al Kandari and joined the Military Defense team appointed by the Pentagon to represent Fayiz Al Kandari in 2009. The US defense team consists of Lt Col Barry Wingard and Lt Cmdr. Kevin Bogucki military — attorneys appointed by the Pentagon on October 2008; and Tom Wilner — the civilian attorney designated by a declaration from Al-Kandari himself in December 2011.