Sanabil Jafar

February 12, 20170

Partner and Head of the International Law Department. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Law degree from Kuwait University in 1992 and is a member of Kuwait Lawyers Association. She started her legal internship at Hamad Al-Joaan & Meshari Al Osami Law Firm, then moved to Al-Waqaian and Dixon Law Offices, worked as a legal advisor until 1997. In 1997, she established a private law firm with Lawyer Fahad Al-Sayar and in 2004 she established Al-Bayan Law Office with Lawyer Abdul Latif Tareq Al-Ali, where she worked until joining Al Oula in 2008.

Sanabil Jafar assisted Al Oula Law in establishing the international Law department and expanding the firm’s practice to foreign jurisdictions.

Throughout her career, she advised many international and local entities on organizing their business matters, joint ventures and shareholder arrangements, both under conventional and Islamic finance, and on major transactions including acquisitions and restructuring. She was the leading lawyer advising on the legal affairs of one of the GCC countries embassies. She currently focuses on the area of business law and International affairs and works by the motto: “time is of the essence”.  In addition to her commercial practice, she also applies her expertise in establishing cross-border connections to assist in the firm’s human rights activities.

Languages: Arabic, English

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