Managing PartnerAdel Abdulhadi

Founder and Managing Partner of the firm. Member of Kuwait Lawyers Association and registered arbitrator in the arbitration Centre of Kuwait Lawyers Association.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in Law degree from Kuwait University in 1993. He was Legal Consultant for the Bureau of the Minister of Defense from 1994 – 1997 and held the position of Senior Legal Adviser for several government organizations between 1997 and 2002.

He is a distinguished and articulate advocate before all the courts in the State of Kuwait. He also represents many clients in the GCC countries.

In his professional record, numerous high profile cases: constitutional, criminal, commercial, political. He is an avid defender of human rights and his passion for giving a voice to the under privileged continues to account for several pro bono works he handles from time to time.

Some of his works

  • Constitutional application for interpretation of one of the essential articles of the Kuwaiti constitution related to parliamentary questions, pursuant to the request and authorization of the previous parliament speaker Mr. Jassem Al Khorafi.
  • Constitutional challenge against the Law of Public Meetings and Gatherings (Law No. 65/1979). The Constitutional Court revoked the articles of the Law that restricted public gatherings and declared that “The freedoms of assembly and expression are among the public freedoms guaranteed by the constitution”.
  • Represented a number of traders in Kuwait Stock Exchange, demanding the closure of the Stock Exchange hugely affected in 2008 by the international financial crisis and won the case. The court ordered the closure of the Kuwaiti Stock Exchange to protect the national economy from collapsing and protect investors from further losses.-Constitutional challenge against Legislative Decree No. 24/2012 on the establishment of the Public Anti- Corruption Authority due to major flaws in the process of its enactment, hindering the possibility of its lawful implementation. The Constitutional Court decided that the said Legislative Decree is unconstitutional and revoked it.-Raised a case before the administrative court demanding the revocation of the ministerial order authorizing the demolition of mosque Shamlan Al Roumi, established in 1893 and  considered a Kuwaiti cultural heritage site and among one of the few remaining ancient sites in the State of Kuwait. A settlement was reached with the Ministry of Public Works in this case.
  • Constitutional challenge against Kuwait infamous DNA Law No. 78/2015 . Such Law has caused a global wave of objections, being one of its kind in the world requiring a nationwide compulsory DNA collection and testing.
  • Cooperated in this respect with international scientific organizations specialized in human genetics and with Human Rights Watch. The Constitutional Court ruled that the said Law is unconstitutional.
  • He specializes in dispute resolution in the civil, commercial, criminal, constitutional and real estate areas of practice.


The documentary book “flight 552” about his journey of working in Guantanamo case, the biggest Human Rights case of the century.

Languages: Arabic


Adel Abdulhadi
  • PublicationsThe documentary book “flight 552” about his journey of working in Guantanamo case, the biggest Human Rights case of the century.