We offer legal services on all aspects of the law ranging from administrative, civil, commercial, to criminal. Our legal services include:

Administrative LawWe provide legal advice on Administrative Law and the rights of the clients working in the public...

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We provide legal advice on Administrative Law and the rights of the clients working in the public sector or dealing with the public sector authorities in all matters affecting them and resulting from governmental decisions.
We also represent clients in litigation against relevant governmental authorities to protect clients’ rights and interests.


Agency and DistributorshipSince agencies and distributorships are popular business vehicles in Kuwait.

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Since agencies and distributorships are popular business vehicles in Kuwait,we advise local and international clients on their agency and distributorship agreements, review and revise documentation and advice on regulatory requirements.


Banking and FinanceWe advise on commercial and investment banking transactions,banker-customer...

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We advise on commercial and investment banking transactions, banker-customer relationships, assist in loan recovery, prepare and review bank documentation and ensure that bank loan facility documents comply with the requirements of the law.
We advise on Corporate Finance, Islamic Finance, Privatization and Project Finance transactions providing advice on local laws and requirements, structures and regulatory compliance matters.
We advise on private placements, public offerings, securitizations, Islamic financial products and Public Private Partnerships.


Commercial and CorporateWe appreciate the need for clients to carry on business in a form most suitable to...

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We appreciate the need for clients to carry on business in a form most suitable to their trading needs. We therefore advise on company incorporation and legal structure, prepare and review incorporation documents and proceed to register such corporate structures. We attend corporate meetings on behalf of clients and provide company secretarial services. We also advise prospective foreign clients on legal and regulatory requirements for doing business in Kuwait, and client companies who are seeking listing on the Kuwait Stock Exchange of the Exchange’s listing rules and requirements.
We advise on mergers and acquisitions for clients and have provided due diligence services. We have also assisted with corporate restructuring or re-organization of companies under Kuwait companies’ law including incorporating special purpose vehicles (SPVs) for this purpose. We also advise on corporate insolvency under Kuwait laws and represent clients in insolvency procedures and litigation.We provide advice, prepare and review documentation on the different types of contracts including joint ventures, partnerships, supplier and customer contracts, rental contracts, leases, franchises etc.


Criminal LawWe represent individuals and companies in all types of criminal proceedings...

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and investigative panels and tribunals and provide advice on criminal charges filed.


Dispute ResolutionIt is our policy to seek always an amicable resolution of all clients’ disputes but in the,...

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an amicable resolution is unforeseeable, we provide litigation services for them; institute and/or defend legal matters before all the courts in Kuwait, undertake judicial or administrative proceedings and we handle enforcement procedures of obtained judgments.
The Firm also represents clients in arbitration and other Alternative Dispute Resolution matters (ADR) within and outside Kuwait including assisting with the enforcement of foreign arbitral awards in Kuwait.


Employment LawWe advise on the different aspects of Kuwait labour laws, in the private sector,...

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and provide clients with advice aimed at maintaining good employment relations. We prepare and review contracts of employments, attend and observe proceedings of disciplinary committees and ensure that the interest of the client is protected.


Family LawWe advise on all aspects of family law including dissolution of marriage,...

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alimony claims, custody,inheritance and paternity. We represent clients in litigation to protect their rights and interests.


Government ProcurementOur lawyers are experienced to assist local and foreign ...

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Our lawyers are experienced to assist local and foreign companies understand and compete in public tenders for government projects also advising them on the regulatory requirements and processes necessary for such public tenders.


InsuranceWe review and revise all types of insurance contracts and advice on insurance policies and...

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regulatory compliance requirements in Kuwait.
Our lawyers are experienced to represent clients in all manner of insurance litigation, arbitration and mediation disputes.


Intellectual PropertyWe offer advice on the protection of trademarks, trade names, patents, ...

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intellectual property and institute legal actions on behalf of clients in the event of infringement of their intellectual property rights.

We also advise and assist with the renewal process of intellectual property rights.


Maritime & AdmiraltyWe advise on contracts of carriage by sea, charter parties, bills of lading, and registration...

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We also advise on the local and international requirements for vessels’ security, marine insurance and institute actions in the event of damage to cargo or consignments.


Oil & GasWe advise on various oil and gas related contracts, joint venture agreements, regulatory compliance...

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issues and energy projects. We offer energy litigation and arbitration, negotiate and prepare energy agreements and perform due diligence for acquisitions of oil and gas companies.


Real Estate LawWe assist clients in selling or buying real property within the GCC region and provide advice on...

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laws and regulatory requirements for such transactions. In the event that a dispute arises,
Our lawyers are quick to seek enforcement of our clients’ rights.


TaxationWe advise on various aspects of taxation for the GCC region including corporate tax, zakat tax,...

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withholding tax and further provide advice on regulatory compliance matters, provisions of the various tax laws and tax planning.